Common Sense and Other Unique Approaches
August 1st
If you’ve got a lot of cloud storage spread out across multiple cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, and Microsoft SkyDrive then you may suffer from the same pain I do in trying to keep some or all of the files in these service sync…
January 8th
I came across a memo I had written to our team back in 2005. Within that memo, I was addressing what I, as the Leader, expected from my team and had inserted this statement from an unknown author...Believe in your innermost beingthat you will achieve what…
November 30th
Upon arriving today we were informed the rheumatologist we were schedule more see has become ill and will not be available today. But Mayo Clinic personnel are doing there thing and trying to get us in to see another DR. So we are still hopeful we can get…
November 29th
Another early start as we needed to get here before anyone else in order to get on a stand by list to see the Pain Psychology department. Good news is we did make it here before anyone else, so there is a good chance we can get into see them today instead…
November 28th
6:00 am - Early start this morning, I have to be at mayo at 7:30 for stops by 4 different labs for different body fluid work-ups, then a trip to see an Endocrinologist finishing off the day with a psychiatric consultation. Not sure who needs that the most…

Case Study

Posted by burke on May 24, 2011

Expanding Leadership and Influence through Mobile Platform


NovoLogic develop a unique and innovative Leadership Community Portal for Chick-fil-A. the portal leverage browser and mobile platforms to allow Chick-fil-A's 1000+ operators and 1400+ store managers and tream leaders to share best practices, implement those practices as well as access content for personal and team leadership growth.

  • The ExChange is an enhanced version of the previously developed SERVE Leadership portal
  • In the inital two weeks the site launched, The ExChange has generated 6,794 site visits
  • 25% of the visits were from mobile devices.
  • Over 48,000+ page views
  • 894+ hours of educational content consumed from the site
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Case Study

Posted by admin on February 1, 2011

ING Introduces Dynamic Spanish-Language Life Insurance Education Web Site Site aims to demystify life insurance and improve outreach to greatly underserved U.S. Hispanic market

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Case Study

Posted by burke on January 19, 2011

ING Logo

In 2005, ING US Insurance embarked on a strategy to expand its sales of individual term life insurance to the US middle market. Many Americans don't have either any or enough life insurance coverage because it can be intimidating for prospects to understand, requiring them to talk to an agent. To make a low-cost term life policy sale a viable business opportunity for the independent agent channel it relies on for sales, ING built a highly engaging online tool, ING For Life, to engage, educate, and even entertain the visitor; make the insurance purchase less daunting; and drive better-qualified leads to the critical agent channel.

Get the Forrester Research here

Forrester Reports

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eTMDP Pilot Launched

Posted by burke on January 19, 2011

The NovoLogic team successfully launched the Team Member Development Program Portal for Chick-fil-A today. Sara Hyde and Boone Smith at Chick-fil-A were instrumental in helping us get this off the ground on time and on budget.

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