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Posted by burke on May 24, 2011

Expanding Leadership and Influence through Mobile Platform


NovoLogic develop a unique and innovative Leadership Community Portal for Chick-fil-A. the portal leverage browser and mobile platforms to allow Chick-fil-A's 1000+ operators and 1400+ store managers and tream leaders to share best practices, implement those practices as well as access content for personal and team leadership growth.

  • The ExChange is an enhanced version of the previously developed SERVE Leadership portal
  • In the inital two weeks the site launched, The ExChange has generated 6,794 site visits
  • 25% of the visits were from mobile devices.
  • Over 48,000+ page views
  • 894+ hours of educational content consumed from the site

Mobile-Leadership-PortalAt the 2010 Operators Seminar the SERVE Leadership website for Operators was launched by NovoLogic for Chick-fil-A. One year later, an enhanced version of SERVE debuted, rebranded as The ExChange. Billed as the online resource to ‘Grow Yourself’ and Grow Your Business,’ the site is also seeing growing usage by Operators, thanks to new Ideas That Work content, mobile access and 75 hours of Seminar content.

 In the two weeks since it launched on Feb. 20 at Seminar, The ExChange has generated:

  • 6,794 site visits, more than 25% from mobile devices
  • 48,654 page views
  • 894 hours of educational content consumed

The site is averaging 600 hits a day. Visitors are viewing eight or nine pages per visit and averaged 8.39 minutes per visit the first week and 7.54 minutes at the two-week mark (not including the time that visitors are spending with downloadable content).

While comedian Tim Hawkins’ new Chick-fil-A song is getting quite a few page views, other Operator favorites are:

  • Ideas That Work – This new section features audio and text interviews with more than 100 operators on a variety of topics and had garnered almost 8,932 views in one week.
  • Seminar Content – Since Feb. 20, Operators have viewed 10,236 pages of Seminar content. Some 75 hours of Seminar video are on the site, including all of the main hall sessions and the 18 Learning & Development sessions. Dan’s closing session and the general session with Tim Tassopoulos and Pat Lencioni are two of the popular hits.
  • Seminar Resource Guide – The digital version of the Resource Guide provided to Operators at Seminar is also one of the top draws.

Mobile-Leadership-Portal-ContentA Hot Topics button allows visitors to view the newest content and the most popular content, based on page views.

 ‘We still have content from excellent third-party resources like Harvard Manage Mentor, getAbstract and Expert Voices, but adding the Operator ‘voice’ to the mix through the Ideas that Work section and improving mobile access has taken this online resource to the next level,’ said Sr. Training Manager of Learning & Development Strategy Mark Conklin. ‘We look forward to continuing to enhance this resource and to develop it as a place for Chick-fil-A Operators to exchange ideas.’

‘We know that Operators and their teams have great ideas, and their favorite way to learn is from other Operators,’ said Pace Sweatt, project supervisor, Learning & Development Strategy. ‘We are hoping to enable the sharing of their ideas that are already working.’

 Experience with SERVE Led to Improvements

‘We learned a lot from SERVE Leadership,’ according to NovoLogic’s Vice President of Professional Services Jeff Gray. ‘For example, we saw a lot of users trying to connect to the site via mobile apps, so we knew the demand was there. The new site has already been a huge success in terms of mobile access.’

Responding to Operator input, The ExChange homepage was redesigned by NovoLogic to be more friendly and inviting. The icons on the homepage look more like a smartphone or iPad screen than a website homepage.

‘More importantly, the information can be accessed with one click in most cases,’ said Jeff.

‘SERVE was set-up like a ‘learning portal’ and people would get down one or two levels and exit the system because they often couldn’t find what they were looking for, so we improved the information architecture, and as a result the feedback from the users has been overwhelmingly positive.’

The site is easy to access for anyone who has a Chick-fil-A username and password. Operators can provision their Team Leaders and Members to have access to @Chick-fil-A (corporate intranet), eTMDP (team member development program site) and The ExChange.

The system also allows the Operator to assign or recommend articels, videos, best practices and other resources to their team or peers.

 What’s Next?

The NovoLogic and the Leadership Development Team at Chick-fil-A will continue to enhance functionality of The ExChange in 2011 and will add new content several times in the year to help keep interest high following the natural spike in usage following Seminar. They eventually hope to shift from users as ‘learners’ to users as ‘contributors’ as well.

The Learning & Development and Talent teams also plan to transition the SERVE site to a training and development resource for staff later this year. 

‘While we are pleased with the great response we’ve already had to The ExChange, we know that we’ve just begun to tap its potential and hope to continue to build awareness and trial and begin to really leverage this online resource,’ concluded Mark.


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