Mission and Values


With God’s guidance, sustain a business that benefits the life of everyone it touches.


The products we sell will be Integrity, Professionalism and Caring. Everyone will relentlessly pursue our passion for providing our clients with innovative solutions. At all times, each of us will ensure our clients confidence in us while providing them the security their best interest is in our hearts and actions.

We will always make sure relevant resources are provided to successfully complete their technology-intensive marketing, communications or training initiatives. Our services and solutions will be uniquely relevant and adaptable in order to meet each specific client, employee, and market need.

How we perform our work will mirror who we are inside and will take 100% responsibility for our successes and failures from both a personal and team standpoint.

We will always ask positive questions even when the answers are not readily available: How can we solve the problem? How can we help? How can I move the project forward? How can we make it easier for everyone else involved? What action can I take to own this situation?

Everyone at NovoLogic will embrace and be ambassadors for positive change, continually looking for creative and innovative ways to do more of the right things with less while being humble, honest and transparent in the process.

At NovoLogic, we will be unique in that everyone at all times will focus on:

  • Systems instead of Tools
  • Collaboration instead of Communication
  • Being Commitment Driven instead of Being Convenience Driven
  • Continuing instead of Quitting