Design, Development and Management Processes

What is our method or process for managing projects?

The methodology used to design and develop communications systems at NovoLogic is a collaborative and iterative process.  As appropriate, key stakeholders, subject matter experts and project team members work collectively throughout each step of the process. Ideally, the project team will include a sample of potential end-users, which will contribute to the usability and effectiveness of the end product. An iterative approach is taken throughout the process to validate requirements against milestone deliverables. The process is managed so that key milestones are identified and corresponding checkpoint meetings are conducted to verify the accurate and successful completion of each step.  These meetings provide the opportunity to confirm existing requirements and capture the type of new information that typically emerges throughout the development lifecycle.  

The entire organization operates on the “Flawless Execution Model,” adopted and refined by the U.S. Air Force, in which each work cycle is launched with a briefing to lay out tactical objectives, cover requirements and expectations, and identify any possible threats to success in order to develop contingencies for those threats. Checkpoints will be made during the work cycle to ensure that all objectives are still being met and to help prevent a breakdown in situational awareness, which could lead to a procedural failure.  Debriefs and “code reviews” are then performed at the end of each work cycle to capture and share lessons learned in order to accelerate team member experience, eliminate repeated mistakes, and continually improve the next work cycle.

To facilitate the review process and keep the project schedule on track, NovoLogic will submit each deliverable (design documents, storyboards, scripts, content modules, etc.) for a Draft review and a Final review and will use a collaborative web-based, client-accessible portal to track the progress of the development lifecycle, capture electronic sign-off, and facilitate the capturing of non-linear team member reviews.

Project Communication

NovoLogic uses the latest collaborative technology to communicate with and keep our clients up to date on the status of their projects.

Using a virtual project team room, clients can always get information on invoices, hours, and development status; review comments; and make updates or requests online 24x7.

Does NovoLogic outsource or offshore any web design and/or development activities?

No, all of our design and development is done with staff personnel who are citizens and local residents; we utilize no offshore outsourcing. We do utilize independent contractors when deemed appropriate for rich media services such as video shoots and voice over talent; however, all contractors utilized by NovoLogic have a long and steady history with our organization.

How does NovoLogic ensure consistent application of design and development standards?

Our interactive production process, tried and tested project management methodologies and the Flawless Execution Model allow NovoLogic to produce 100% consistent code for any given project.

How does NovoLogic ensure client satisfaction?

NovoLogic always delivers on our promises. Everyone claims to be world class, the best, or “better than the rest.” We prove our success day in and day out with our service to our clients. NovoLogic relies heavily on word of mouth referrals and repeat business, so client satisfaction is particularly important to us. Don't take our word for it. Check out our Testimonials or contact our current clients and ask them why they chose and continue to use our services.