Bart Kollen (Vice President, ING Individual Retirement - Head of Investor Channel Strategy)

We want you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding partnership and service you have given us for the past year. Your team have diligently worked through the challenges encountered on this complex project and delivered a top quality website with

Mark Miller (Vice President Training and Development - Chick-fil-A, Inc.)

Thanks again for your partnership.  You are having a profound impact on the future of Chick-fil-A!

Marwan A. Yasin (Sr. Director
ZAX, Inc.)

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the time and effort you have invested so far.
It’s been inspiring, and the conversations have been eye opening and thought provoking.
The future is looking even brighter than before.

Colten S. Green (Director, Jefferson City Parks and Recreation)

NovoLogic's Signup Anytime Online Registration platform has given Jefferson Recreation all of the necessary flexibility in order to custom build our system to our exact needs for every season.

Lorri Addicks (President, Larkspur Group)

Consistently demonstrates an innovative and collaborative approach to all their projects. NovoLogic brings integrity and commitment to see all projects through to a solution that meets or exceeds client expectations. I highly recommend NovoLogic.

Phil Orazi (Chick-fil-A, Inc. Sr. Director, Staff Learning & Development)

Many thanks for your dedication and commitment to create the “Next Level” in L&D Sessions for our annual Seminar.  There is no turning back!  All the new innovations in production, participant interaction and support are now the new standard.  I am excited about next year already!  . . . . Great job helping Operators, Staff and Spouses “Lead at the Next Level.”

Linnea Conely

Burke has co-created one of the best small companies in the Atlanta metro area. He has ensured that the atmosphere is filled with innovation, respect, and strong values. He treats his customers as true partners and is genuinely vested in their success. Burke is a true problem solver and is always looking for opportunities to take on the next challenge. Working for him at NovoLogic was a great experience.

John Mills (Business Development, Afterburner, Inc.)

The team at NovoLogic always bring fresh innovative ideas to the table. That, coupled with their ability to always deliver on time, is always appreciated.

Pat Alacqua (Chairman and CEO, Blue Magnet Partners)

NovoLogic has helped us problem solve the most effective technology applications within our product development initiatives. Their ability to assess our challenges and recommend the best solutions is at the core of our high level of confidence and trust in NovoLogic as a strategic partner. NovoLogic's philosophy of keeping things simple and transparent in dealing with the things we do together is very refreshing when we live in a business environment today where the speed of trust is critical to getting things done.

Merrigene Quinn (Training Manager, Bayada Nurses)

NovoLogic has consistently met deliverables and kept projects on task as promised. NovoLogic's team is professional, knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with on a daily basis.

Bart Kollen (Vice President, ING Individual Retirement - Head of Investor Channel Strategy)

The NovoLogic team's creative initiative was exemplary throughout the project. Your commitment to deliver on your promises was demonstrated during actions taken earlier in the project. Since that time, your team has consistently made extra efforts to assist us in completing our project on time.

Michelle Milam Davis (Frito-Lay)

NovoLogic tackled an e-learning project that had a very compressed project schedule. They enabled virtual teamwork that was a pleasure, and delivered results that were well-received across multiple audiences. Their collaboration with us was critical to achieving the training objectives for a nationally deployed sales force initiative.

Richard Fletcher (CLO, Zaxby's)

NovoLogic completed a major training development project for us. We we extremely pleased with their expertise, the quality of their work, the deliverables and especially the manner in which his entire team conducted themselves with integrity and professionalism. They were just great to work with!

Peter Gabel (President, Arity Corporation)

I have known and worked with NovoLogic on several substantial projects over the past 5 years. I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend Novologic. They consistently perform excellent work - very impressive both in creative elements and for their technological prowess. NovoLogic is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with them again.

Mark Prasatik

NovoLogic are the type of people that everyone wants to work with. Working with them through many engagements over the last 6 years, I can say that there is no company that I trust more when my reputation is on the line. From the small things to mission critical deadlines, NovoLogic has always come through and exceded my expectations on projects from application development to e-learning programs. NovoLogic has the business know-how to help you get the maximum ROI from every effort. You almost have to experience for yourself to believe it.

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