knowledge at the point of need

Knowledge at the point of need

As mobile development continues to flourish, consumers and employees expect the ability to be able to access information whenever and wherever they choose. At NovoLogic we have the knowledge and experience to help you overcome the challenges of mobile development. We will help you create and develop a strategy and implement solutions that allow you to leverage the mobile devices your users and consumers are adopting and using on a daily basis.

Mobile Consulting


Need a little help with getting your idea finalized? Our Industry experts have the knowledge and experience to help you finalize and implement your idea. Our consultants can help by exposing you to industry-leading best practices, helping select features to leverage, and development models that best fit your business needs.



Wire-framing is all about defining the application flow and information design. At NovoLogic we have the experience to make sure that your application will flow smoothly and that your users will be pleased with flow of the application. Wire-framing is one of the most important processes in application development, and we are here to make sure that the process is completed thoroughly, and professionally.

Interface, Usability, and User Experience Design

Interface, Usability, and User Experience Design

The first impression that you make on your clientele is the most important. Make sure that you go with a design team that has the abilities to create the perfect first experience for both you and your clients. At NovoLogic our design team can take your vision and turn it into a reality that works!

Mobile Development


NovoLogic has developed numerous mobile applications as well as mobile sites since 2005, our experience can help you streamline the development of your mobile presence. Whether you are doing a large or small project, our team can leverage multiple development methodologies to best fit your needs and processes.

Content re-purposing / conversion services

Content Re-purposing /Conversion Services

If you are like most companies, there is a large amount of your content currently in formats that are not well suited for the mobile world. Unlocking these valuable resources for use by a mobile audience does not have to be hard. Let our team help define the best solution to migrate your content to an open, mobile accessible state.