Why NovoLogic is Passionate about Learning

For our company

Our position in the market is driven by our unique knowledge of learning technology and our ability to apply it in innovative ways that deliver impact, value, and measurable ROI.

For our clients

We understand that most organizational challenges can leverage learning for breakthrough performance, and we have developed customer successes that are proof points of what is possible.

Why our Clients Care about Learning

Learning directly supports the top agenda of CEOs:

  • Business growth customer responsiveness
  • 75 percent of CEOs think employee learning is the most critical success factor relative to implementing change initiatives

Learning, when done right, has the power to enable organizational transformation:

  • Greater workforce productivity
  • Faster time to market/value
  • Adoption of new business processes and technologies
  • Culture change

Tap into Our LMS Expertise

 Learning management systems are rapidly  evolving to leverage the more informal and  social aspects that mobile, open and social networks are providing. More organizations are leveraging and integrating their learning management  systems and strategies into other corporate portals, knowledge bases and content management systems. We’ll help  you assess the best strategy for your environment or help you plan a totally new  approach. Our offerings include:

  1. LMS evaluation and selection facilitation
  2. Moodle deployment and customization
  3. LMS best practice consulting
  4. Corporate knowledge portals
  5. Informal learning portals

Is Your Training Strategy Rooted in the Future or the Past?

eLearning Rooted in the Past or Future




Is your corporate training strategy, technology, and methodology rooted in the practices and thoughts of the past, or are they underpinned with the innovation that will be needed to carry your organization forward?


A Decade Past
A Decade Forward
  1. 80% classroom based
  2. 80% formal
  3. Centrally administered, instructor-led
  4. Centrally provided information
  5. LMS as a learning destination
  6. Isolated learning
  7. Hour-long learning objects
  8. Location-centric
  9. One size fits all
  10. Directed lab experience
  11. Closed educational resources
  12. Available at certain times
  13. Segmented by team function
  14. Global considerations emerging
  15. Just-in-case education and learning
  16. Company-centric education
  17. Country-centric language support
  18. Minimal Talent Management Support
  19. Some elective certifications provided
  20. “Behind our firewall” mentality
  1. 80% in the workplace
  2. 80% informal
  3. Self-directed learning
  4. Search-based inquiries
  5. Social networks for learning
  6. Social / networked learning
  7. 5-minute or shorter video snippets
  8. Mobile-centric
  9. Individualized / personalized
  10. + games and simulations
  11. + open educational resources
  12. 24/7 availability of learning
  13. Project-based against company goals
  14. Global plus country localization needs
  15. Context sensitive – just-in-time
  16. Education to the “Extended Enterprise”
  17. Support of global languages
  18. Talent Management Support Key
  19. Mandatory compliance and regulations
  20. Software as a Service (SaaS) mentality